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We offer scrap metal recycling Houston relies on. Specializing in purchasing all types of scrap metal, tantalum sputtering targets, and niobium sputtering targets. Our solid financial foundation allows us to acquire scrap metal quickly and for a fair price. We buy tantalum sputtering targets, niobium sputtering targets, and all types of scrap metal from businesses.

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Scrap Metal Recycling Houston: We Specialize in Purchasing the Following Metals

Scrap Metal Recycling 

For scrap metal recycling, Houston counts on us. It is an essential process for numerous industries and the environment alike. Our scrapping operations include repurposing a variety of high-performance alloys and rare metals, which are too important to let go to waste.

Sputtering Targets

Sputtering is a high-tech manufacturing process that coats products in a variety of high performance materials. However, the process is not 100 percent efficient, and there is always some valuable material left over on the target.

Metals We Buy

Republic Alloys can recycle dozens of metals, from the common but valuable copper to rare earth metals that are only found in trace amounts. Through scrap metal recycling, Houston residents and businesses have an opportunity to make money and help the environment. 

Scrap Metal Pick Up Houston & Nationwide.

Houston Scrap Metal Buyers

At Republic Alloys, we are Houston scrap metal buyers who travel nationwide to haul scrap off lots. For scrap metal recycling, Houstonians have the opportunity to sell all types of scrap metal, tantalum sputtering targets, and niobium sputtering targets. With a solid financial foundation, we are able to buy scrap metal quickly and for a great price. We buy tantalum sputtering targets, niobium sputtering targets, and all types of scrap metal from businesses.

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Highest Prices Paid for Scrap Metal: Scrap Metal Recycling Houston

As a scrap metal buyer and recycler in Houston, we specialize in all types of precious metals, high-temperature alloys, and industrial metals. We pay top dollar for your scrap, covering an entire range of scrap metals in our scrap metal recycling program.

Whether you need a new revenue stream, a responsible way to recycle your outdated machinery, or a way to buffer your profit margins, call Republic Alloys. We offer generous prices for a wide array of recyclable metals. Whatever your industry may be, Republic Alloys provides efficiency in transactions and scrap metals.

Types of sputter targets & scrap metal we buy & sell

Need to Know Where to Recycle Scrap Metal in Houston and Beyond?

If your company uses metals in its processes, you undoubtedly have leftover scrap. From aerospace and shipbuilding to electronics and construction, we work with a broad spectrum of clients who produce a lot of recyclable materials. Often, these materials are quite valuable in the recycled metal market.

As you search for high-paying Houston scrap metal buyers, reach out to Republic Alloys. When you work with us, you never need a truck to haul your materials to us. We travel to you.

Our team offers scrap metal pick up Houston trusts, and we extend that offer across the nation.

We’ll offer a great price for your scrap metal

What You Should Know

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Ferrous scrap, typically iron and steel, comes in a plethora of consumer products. From housefly appliances to industrial machinery, these metals are incredibly common. In fact, ferrous scrap metal is the most recycled material across the globe.

At Republic Alloys, our scrap metal buyers strive to provide high-quality service through responsible, safe handling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Specializing in industrial and commercial service, we serve the Greater Houston Area and companies nationwide. Our success is the result of our commitment to our clients and the high standard of service we hold ourselves to.

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houstonians depend on us to handle a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. This includes alloys, aluminum, brass, copper, insulated wire, iron, lead, nickel, steel, and exotic metals.

Types of Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Aluminum Cans, Pots, Pans, Siding, Gutters, Downspouts, Patio Furniture, Wheels, Wire
  • Car and Truck Batteries
  • Brass Figures, Lamps, & Other Decorative Items
  • Cables, Fence, and Wiring
  • Copper & Brass Plumbing Pipes, Valves, and Connectors
  • Copper Tubing & Wire
  • Electric Motors
  • Insulated Wiring
  • Radiators
  • TV Cables

Ferrous Metals We Buy

  • Appliances like Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators
  • Junk Cars & Old Trucks
  • Farm Equipment & Machinery
  • Lawnmowers
  • Cast Iron Patio Furniture & Outdoor Railing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Stainless Steel & Steel
  • Steel Wheels

    Non-Ferrous Metals We Buy

    At Republic Alloys, our Houston scrap metal buyers accept Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal for scrap metal recycling. In metallurgy, non-ferrous refers to metals and alloys that do not contain iron (or ferrite) in appreciable amounts. Typically, non-ferrous metals are more expensive than others because they have certain desirable properties. These include higher conductivity, resistance to corrosion, non-magnetic material, and a low weight.

    The following metals are considered to be non-ferrous: aluminum, copper, lead, and stainless steel. These metals tend to use much less energy in the recycling process. Moreover, remolding them is much less expensive and time-consuming than mining them from the ground.

    When they need to sell non-ferrous metals to scrap metal buyers, Houstonians call on Republic Alloys. Our team offers the highest paid prices online in addition to offering pickup directly from your lot or business. For scrap metal pick up Houston relies on, call Republic Alloys today.

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    Nationwide Pickup

    & Scrap Metal Recycling

    Houston Scrap Metal Buyers

    At Republic Allots, our Houston scrap metal buyers provide pickups for industrial and commercial locations with a variety of services. We work with you to schedule the pickup with the appropriate recycling equipment. Simple and convenient, we offer scrap metal recycling Houston residents depend on. 

    Why You Should Participate in Scrap Metal Recycling Houston

    Whether commercial or residential, scrap metal recycling in Houston is a great way to turn your old machinery into extra money. As scrap metal buyers, we prioritize certain metals over others, but almost every appliance and piece of machinery is a trove of recyclable materials. Additionally, scrap metal is hard to store and can even prove to be a liability around any facility. The last thing you want is for a visitor or employee to sustain an injury navigating around the sharp edges of unnecessarily accumulated scrap.

    Moreover, when you recycle scrap metal, the original metal properties do not degrade. This means that metals can be recycled repeatedly, turned into new raw materials for use in other industries. It is also far less expensive or harmful to the environment when companies utilize these recycled materials.

    At Republic Alloys, we buy scrap metals both common and rare, moving them into the recycling process to generate economic activity across the country. When you need to know where to sell scrap metal, give us a call at 713-471-3687. Score big for yourself and the environment without having to haul your metal leftovers around.

    Our Houston scrap metal buyers come straight to your facility to load and process your scrap, no matter where you are. As a full-service scrap yard, Republic Alloys is your best bet for keeping your facility clean. Turn trash into treasure today when you call on scrap metal recycling Houston trusts at 713-471-3687.

    Scrap Metal Recycling, Houston Scrap Metal Buyers: FAQ

    Scrap metal is one of the largest exports in the United States. Moreover, by recycling metal, we are able to reduce the amount of ore mining worldwide. Some of the most common metals include aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and steel. Unfortunately, these metals often end up in the dump because people don’t always consider the scrap metal recycling process.
    However, when they bring unused metal objects to Republic Alloys for scrap metal recycling, Houston businesses help us reenter the materials into the process. Here are a few of the common questions we receive.

    How much is my scrap metal worth?

    When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houston scrap metal buyers at Republic Alloys offer the highest-paid prices online! When you contact our team, we buy scrap metal according to market value in the area while remaining competitive.

    What types of metal can I recycle?

    Whether residential or commercial scrap metal recycling, Houstonians can count on Republic Alloys. We accept a broad range of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The fastest way to find out whether we accept your scrap is to contact us by calling 713-471-3687 or emailing us today.

    I have scrap metal on my lot. Do you offer pick-up services?

    Yes, we do! Our Houston scrap metal buyers travel to your location. At Republic Alloys, we offer full-service scrap metal recycling Houston businesses rely on, and we want to share that nationwide. We are more than happy to travel to your property and haul your scrap from your location to ours. Contact us today to schedule a pick-up.

    What are the most common sources of scrap metal?

    Some of the most common scrap metal sources include home appliances like televisions, toaster ovens, and air conditioning units as well as vehicles and large commercial equipment. When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houstonians can get pretty creative! Scrap metal is just about everywhere. 

    Are there variations in prices of different metals?

    Each metal has its own value and price. For example, a pound of brass will be worth a different amount compared to a pound of copper.

    Oftentimes, we deal with customers in industries that handle metal on a regular basis. This includes construction companies with old steel beams or electricians with old wires. Even plumbers seek us out to recycle old copper pipes or brass fixtures. However, homeowners and other individuals are just as welcome.

    When you bring your scrap metal for scrap metal recycling Houston, you can make money while recycling old materials.

    Copper - $$$$

    Copper is a fairly common material when it comes to scrap, often found in homes and businesses. As your Houston scrap metal buyers, we often see copper in plumbing pipes and roofing materials as well as in electrical wires. Copper is one of the most valuable materials when it comes to scrap metal, and people often separate it out from other metals when they come to our full-service scrapyard.

    Aluminum - $

    Oftentimes, people collect aluminum cans and bring them to a Houston scrap metal buyer in bilk. However, cans are not the only common use for this metal. Sellers often find it throughout homes and commercial buildings in gutters, window frames, doors, siding, and more.

    While it doesn’t present the same value to sellers as copper, aluminum scrap metal is often quickly recyclable and reenters the market within a few months. Recycled aluminum saves about 80% of the energy it takes to produce originally, making it a valuable part of scrap metal recycling.

    Brass - $$

    Brass scrap metal is commonly found in hardware in both commercial and residential properties. This includes bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, door handles, and even keys. Brass is composed of both copper and zinc, and it is often found in plumbing fixtures as well as at the end of copper pipes. Due to its density and mid-level value, brass scrap quickly adds up when brought to our full-service scrapyard in Houston, TX.

    Steel - $

    One of the most commonly used metals in the world, steel scrap metal is found in many places – from chairs and cars to shelves and cabinets. While it doesn’t yield a high price in low quantities, bulk manufacturing equipment can prove to be a great haul.

    Moreover, it is will to collect steel for scrap metal recycling because it is one of the most recycled materials in the world. This is because Houston scrap metal buyers like us are able to melt it down for reuse over and over again.

    Why do people recycle scrap metal with Houston scrap metal buyers?

    When it comes to scrap metal recycling Houston can count on, our process is important to us because it reduces the amount of metal waste in landfills around Houston AND reduces the need to mine new raw materials. Because Republic Alloys travels nationwide to buy scrap metal, we are able to help communities stay cleaner and clutter-free.

    Oftentimes, we buy scrap metal from sellers because industry growth in other sectors increases the demand for different metals. For example, steel is a common need that is great for scrap metal recycling because it can be melted down and reused repeatedly.

    Scrap metal recycling Houston: Who is it for?

    When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houston businesses have a great deal of use for old materials. With scrap metals like copper, brass, aluminum, iron, and steel, there’s potential for reuse multiple times to make new products. Across a variety of industries, people repurpose scrap to avoid mining for new metals.

    • Construction companies often work with scrap metal recyclers to produce materials for bridges and roads.
    • Manufacturing companies use repurposed metals when they build cars, aircraft, and watercraft as well as equipment.
    • Containers you see on barges, in shipyards, and on the backs of commercial trucks can be made with repurposed scrap metal.
    • Furniture makers can even use recycled metal to build metallic furniture or even just fittings.

    Do scrap metal prices change?

    As with any commodity, the prices of scrap metal change with supply and demand as well as the cost of production. At Republic Alloys, we pride ourselves on offering fair quotes for the scrap people see to us. If you’re curious about the potential money you can make, call us today to see what we can offer.

    What are the benefits of scrap metal recycling in Houston?

    When you participate in scrap metal recycling, Houston benefits as well as the rest of the world.


    Mining for ore is invasive. In order to extract raw material from the planet, mining companies use heavy excavators to dig into the ground. Aside from destroying soil in different areas, it releases toxic compounds, metallic dust, and asbestos-like minerals out into the air and water.

    All of this produces a relatively small amount of precious metals and minerals. However, the environmental impact is harsh.

    • Sinkhole formation
    • Hazardous byproducts
    • Contamination of soil and water
    • Destruction of nearby wildlife habitats
    • Loss of biodiversity

    When you recycle scrap metal, you help to avoid the need for environmentally devastating operations. By recycling scrap metal, you take a step towards reducing the need for fresh materials.

    Conservation – Energy and Natural Resources

    When plants process newly extracted metals and materials, it places additional strain on the environment. However, whenever they use scrap metal recycling, Houston businesses enter a process that requires much less energy.

    For instance, when you recycle a ton of steel, it conserves 2500 lbs of iron ore, 1400 lbs of coal, and about 120 lbs of limestone, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute. Additionally, this recycling process saves enough electricity to power about 18 million households for about a year.

    All in all, scrap metal recycling reduces the need to mine virgin materials which leads to a great deal of energy being saved.

    Boosts the Economy

    While it is not as massive as the mining industry, Houston scrap metal recycling is a potent boost for the economy. Across the United States, the metal recycling industry generated around $64 billion back in 2010, recovering $40 billion of nonferrous metals.

    As more and more people participate in scrap metal recycling, the economic advantages grow for everyone. This can also stretch out to the financial incentives for people to recycle scrap metal as well. When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houstonians have a great chance to do s

    Scrap Metal Recycling Houston - The Process

    Metal is not something the average person buys on a regular basis. Still, it forms a large part of our everyday lives. From pots and pans to cars and planes, the world needs a steady supply of metals. 

    Because fresh metal requires so much energy, it takes a toll on our environment. That’s why scrap metal recycling is so important. When scrap ends up in landfills, it poses risks to our communities. That’s because metal contains chemicals that can contaminate soil and groundwater. Additionally, when we recycle scrap metal, we help the economy by providing cheaper metal to be used in manufacturing. 

    How Is Scrap Metal Recycled? 

    Whether you are a business or individual who wants to get rid of excess scrap metal, you can bring it to our Houston scrap metal recycling yard. At Republic Alloys, we’ve spent years performing environmentally friendly processes to recycle base and precious metals. 

    If you’re curious about the process of scrap metal recycling, Houston counts on our team to be thorough in how we process our materials. 

    Recycling scrap metal involves several steps: 

    • Collecting metals 
    • Processing metals
    • Shedding metals 
    • Melting metals 
    • Producing blocks or sheets to be sold to a manufacturer

    The Collection Process 

    In the collection process of scrap metal recycling, Houston businesses and residents bring scrap to our yard. We also offer pick-up services for certain amounts to make the process easier for our clients. 

    There are many products that contain non-ferrous and ferrous metals. For instance, one of the largest sources of ferrous scrap metal is from old vehicles. Still, there are many objects that people sell to our full-service scrap yard in order to clear up their homes, job sites, and offices. 

    Sorting Scrap Metal 

    The next step in the process is sorting. This involves separating out different metals from the materials they are lumped in with. Oftentimes, this involves magnets and sensors that help us identify the materials we are looking for.

    Processing Scrap Metal 

    In the next stage of scrap metal recycling, Houston manufacturers need us to process the scrap. This is when we shred the metals. Typically, they have a large surface-to-volume ratio, which means it takes less energy to melt down.


    To melt scrap metal, it goes into a large furnace. Each metal uses a furnace specifically for that particular metal. This can take a few minutes to a few hours, but the furnaces use fuel-efficient burners that reduce the amount of energy required. 


    Purification ensures that the final product is of good quality and free from contaminants. One of the most common forms of purification is electrolysis. This involves using an electric current to drive a chemical reaction. 

    Cooling and Solidifying 

    Melted metals are solidified by a conveyor belt. At this stage, the metal gets formed into shapes that are more easily used in the production of goods. Once shaped, they’re ready for use and can be transported to plants as a raw material. 

    Scrap Metal Recycling Houston: Why More Is Needed

    Scrap Metal Recycling Houston Counts On

    Virtually any type of metal is recyclable. However, the current rate for metal recycling remains far too low. Whether you are a business looking to sell scrap or a Houston scrapper, there’s a clear financial incentive when it comes to scrap metal recycling. 

    When businesses sell their scrap to a recycling center like Republic Alloys, they earn money for any metals they provide. Additionally, recycling lowers the cost of the manufacturing process. This is because it costs far less to recycle metals than it does to manufacture new products with raw materials. 

    Moreover, it provides manufacturing companies with the opportunity to reduce their overall costs in production, which they can pass down to consumers. Of course, there’s also the very important environmental impact when it comes to scrap metal recycling. Houston scrappers and businesses who recycle metals help to preserve natural resources. 

    Additionally, the process requires far less energy than mining and emits reduced amounts of harmful gases. When you don’t want scrap to wind up in a landfill, it’s important to bring it to us for scrap metal recycling Houston can count on. By keeping waste out of landfills, we help to prevent the toxic chemicals in metals from reaching the soil and groundwater of the areas surrounding landfills. These chemicals pose a great risk to the people and wildlife in the area.

    What makes a metal precious?

    Precious metals earn their classification because they are rare and naturally occurring. This allows them to maintain a high economic value. Oftentimes, these metals are used in currency, industrial applications, and jewelry. The most common precious metals include cobalt, gold, palladium, platinum, tungsten, and zirconium. 

    Scrap Metal Recycling Houston Can Depend On

    At Republic Alloys, we believe in convenience, reliability, and professionalism in our operation. When it comes to scrap metal recycling, Houston offices and businesses depend on us to provide efficient service in addition to offering the highest-paid prices online for scrap metal. 


    Customer Service 

    One of the main reasons we see repeat customers is our dedication to excellence in customer service. We put great focus on our customers and strive to make their experience smooth from start to finish. That’s why we offer a convenient pick-up service, driving to your location to haul scrap from your lot. 

    As Houston scrap metal buyers, we pride ourselves on paying the most for your scrap as well as educating our customers as to what provides the most value. Moreover, with a friendly staff of scrap experts, we strive to answer all our customers’ questions. 


    Scrap Metal Recycling for Offices and Businesses

    We strive to be a great resource for businesses and offices in need of our recycling facility. Whenever you have scrap metal cluttering up your property but don’t quite know the process, feel free to contact Republic Alloys. As a Houston scrap metal recycling facility, we believe in being transparent about our work. 

    When you work with us, you’ll discover the numerous benefits we provide to local, regional, and national businesses. From on-site pickup and container pick-up to personalized quotes, we work to ensure your experience keeps us at the top of your mind for all your metal recycling needs. 

    Visit our Houston scrap metal facility today! Call us now at 713-471-3687. 

    Scrap Metal Buyers Houston: What We Don’t Accept

    Although we buy scrap metal in many forms, there are specific items we simply cannot accept. The reasons range from legality to governmental regulations and our own company policies to ensure the safety of our Houston scrap metal buyers.


    For these reasons, Republic Alloys does not accept the following items.

    • Air Conditions that have Freon Batteries
    • Beer Kegs
    • Closed Containers
    • Computers
    • Materials containing Mercury
    • Loaded Bullets and/or Shells
    • Combustible or Flammable Materials
    • Materials that Contain Asbestos
    • Print Rollers Containing Selenium
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Glass Canisters